IBA12 Gold Stevie WinnerCompany: AMAX, Fremont, CA, USA
Company Description: Founded in 1979, AMAX is a trusted leader in custom server and storage solutions in North America. Headquartered in Fremont, CA, AMAX also runs multiple locations in China to service the APAC region and provides x86-based custom-branded appliance solutions to our OEM customers and innovative & scalable server solutions designed for HPC, Cloud, Virtualization, Data Center & Big Data Applications.
Nomination Category: Products & Product Management Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Best New Product or Service of the Year - Hardware

Nomination Title: AMAX's PHAT-Data, A Complete Turnkey Big Data Analytics Platform

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An increasingly complex world combined with the vast proliferation of data and the burning need to stay two steps ahead of the competition has amplified the focus on leveraging analytics within organizations. The amount of data in our world is exploding, and analyzing large data sets, otherwise known as Big Data, is quickly becoming a key foundation of competition, laying the groundwork for new waves of productivity, growth, and innovation.

Enter the AMAX Peta-Scale Hadoop Analytics Technology (PHAT-Data). Hadoop is a fault-tolerant, efficient mechanism for sequential data analysis and provides a highly scalable distributed file system, which is used for storing, managing, and securing the data, while the MapReduce parallel batch processing framework provides a powerful programming model capable of harnessing the computing power of several commodity servers into a single high-performance computing cluster capable of efficiently analyzing enormous datasets.

Hadoop deployments typically have very large infrastructure requirements, and hardware and software choices made at design time can have a considerable impact on the performance of Hadoop clusters. Hadoop cluster performance and ROI are highly dependent on CPU, storage, and network technology choices. In many cases, a Hadoop job can encounter bottlenecks processing data (CPU-bound) or reading data from the network or the disk (I/O-bound). Those looking to build a Hadoop cluster that don’t yet understand their workload often find that the first jobs that they run with Hadoop are far different than the jobs that are processed once committed to a production environment.

AMAX Engineers have created the PHAT-Data line of solutions to address these concerns - a highly scalable, balanced Hadoop cluster configuration to deliver performance without limitation.

But a balanced Hadoop configuration also relies heavily on specific application-tuning for the best performance, and AMAX applies additional Professional Services in the form of Hadoop Engineering expertise to further fine-tune a Hadoop cluster for specific applications. AMAX’s team of Professional Services Engineers have many years of experience and abundant industry certifications in all facets of network and infrastructure design, integration, analysis and monitoring. AMAX’s team works closely with the engineers and system administrators to ensure the infrastructure being installed will deliver the performance needed to stay competitive tomorrow.

The AMAX PHAT-Data line of products provides a complete turnkey solution for Apache Hadoop, from hardware, software and professional services. It offers a highly scalable, tunable and easy to deploy platform bundled with Apache Hadoop and Zettaset Orchestrator to solve Big Data acquisition, storage and analysis problems, and has been thoroughly tested and certified production-ready to be deployed on large scale. PHAT-Data is the ONLY open-architecture designed solution that also maintains 100% compatibility with Java-based MapReduce applications with full open standards support right out of the box. A standard version, PHAT-Data10G, and a high-performance version, PHAT-Data40G were developed out of demand from the market.

Companies like Netflix, Facebook, Google, among others have been the pioneers and is the reason AMAX is a recognized leader and innovator in developing new and exciting solutions.

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A small team of Big Data focused AMAX engineers and IT specialists with over 100 years of combined engineering expertise developed the concept and working production models of the AMAX PHAT-Data product line. With the market success of the original PHAT-Data10G product launch, industry leaders Mellanox, STEC and Zettaset in a collaborative effort with AMAX, co-developed a high-performance version of the PHAT-Data product with a real-time analytics solution dubbed the PHAT-Data40G.