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Company: Akbank, Istanbul, Turkey
Entry Submitted By: Effect Public Relations
Company Description: As of the end of 2008, in addition to being Turkey's most valuable bank, Akbank has managed to maintain its leading position in the Turkish banking sector through a strong balance sheet, transparent corporate governance practices and successful international relations.
Nomination Category: Advertising Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Banking - Campaign

Nomination Title: Akbank Children’s Theater

The date on which the media element(s) in this entry was first run, aired, or otherwise made public:
TVC: 31 December 2010; at TV channels: ATV, Flash, Kanal D, Show, Star

Briefly describe this campaign's communications objectives and how it met those objectives (up to 100 words):

Childrens Theater Campaign: http://infoflight.publicisyorum.com/s/XNQLMWNXP1

Akbank Children’s Theater; was founded nearly four decades ago, at a time when remote towns and villages in rural Turkey had to endure considerable isolation both physically and culturally. We set out from a true story to paint a vivid picture of how the institution touched lives and broadened perspectives in the course of its long journey over the years.

The young narrator of the film represents nearly one million children all across Turkey who got to enjoy Akbank Children’s Theater shows since its founding. The film is meant as a poignant reminder that Akbank adds value to the lives of young generations.

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Campaign Identification Tag
Client:; AKBANK T.A.S
Client Representative: Murat Göllü, Azra Zeyrek, Basak Pektuncer, Emir Alemdar
Advertising Agency: Publicis Yorum
Creative Group: Cevdet Kizilay, Ebru Firat Ataman, Adnan Elmasoglu
Client Relations: Özlem Ögüt, Sebnem Çamlisoy, Ayla Çayli
Production Company: Combo Film
Production: Arzu Köksal, Gamze Bayindir
Media planning and buying: Mediacom
Channels used: TV, Press, Internet