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Company: Agência Ideal, São Paulo, Brazil
Company Description: Ideal was created in 2007 by journalists Eduardo Vieira and Ricardo Cesar, to respond to the needs of the market - seeking an agency able to deliver quality work with public relations, social networking, and advertising content. We accepted the challenge and built a hybrid agency that is not classified by the communication tools that it uses, but deliver what customers expect in various
Nomination Category: Corporate Communications, Investor Relations, & Public Relations Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Communications or PR Campaign of the Year - Media Relations

Nomination Title: NIKE - How to win the World Cup off the fields

Tell the story about this nominated campaign since 1 January 2014 (up to 650 words). Focus on specific accomplishments, and relate these accomplishments to past performance or industry norms.

For the first time in Brazil, Nike was forced to face a situation it wasn't used to: it had to steal the limelight at a huge sporting event that it was not the sponsor of.  

Thus, Nike developed a broad public-relations strategy to make the greatest possible impact in terms of exposure of its institutional image as well as its  2014 FIFA World Cup products. Three courses of action were established: a) recover Brazilians’ passion for the Brazilian National Soccer Team and its uniform, the traditional yellow number; b) expand the World Cup’s spirit of sportsmanship beyond the stadiums, helping to change Brazilians’ attitude in relation to the World Cup; and c) reinforce Nike’s status as a global and local leader when it comes to innovations in sporting goods.
How could Nike, among other brands, steal the show during the event when its main competitor was a World Cup sponsor?

To do this, Nike decided to bet all its chips on PR, thus reaching the greatest possible number of people through a multi-platform strategy.
We created a multi-platform PR strategy that had an immense impact. As a result, we were able to reach over 22.5 million people. Over 1,000 reports mentioning Nike’s World Cup initiatives were broadcast, with 1 hour and 35 minutes of TV exposure (equivalent to over 10 million US Dollars worth of publicity); and hundreds of printed and online articles were published. Sales of the national team shirt broke records.
Nike established three targets: reestablish the mystique of the National Team’s shirt so as to get fans back to wearing the uniform and cheering for the national team; promote activities for getting the World Cup spirit back into everyday life, demonstrating its impact on culture and lifestyle; and, finally, position Nike as an innovator in sporting products, highlighting the technology behind its uniforms and soccer shoes.
Success would be achieved through flawless activation of each initiative planned for in the strategy and by making an impact on people’s lives – either by causing greater waves through the launch of its products or by impacting sales.
In order to recover the passionate relationship between Brazilians and the National Team, Nike sought the participation of athletes and launched the official uniform for the first time at a public event which lasted 12 hours, and gathered 40,000 people. The event featured street footraces and skateboard contests, culminating in shows by music artists. A content strategy was created that produced text, photos and videos about the uniform’s key features and characteristics, serving as a basis for posts on social networking websites and forums.
To expand the World Cup spirit beyond the soccer fields, we set up Casa  Fenomenal (Phenomenal House), with shows, exhibitions and various interactive activities. Artists and celebrities were present, as well as 
collaborating athletes.
In terms of innovation, the agency and brand worked on National Team  women’s tops for outings, which were conceived in partnership with Pedro 
Lourenço, and with Magista and Mercurial soccer shoes and their  revolutionary concept.
Between April 1st 2014 and the World Cup final, we promoted dozens of initiatives tied in with our objectives. The aim was to create the greatest possible buzz and brand engagement. Such initiatives included the following:
- Films of our riskeverything campaign were released to the press and other influencers at events, with Cristian Corsi, president of Nike Brazil, acting as master of ceremony.
- We promoted our Sports Festival, with a public presentation of the National Team uniform at Aterro do Flamengo, featuring the concept “The most Brazilian shirt of all times.” Months before, the uniform was presented to over 200 national and international journalists at an event staged at the Copacabana Fort.
- On May 23rd 2014, we launched Casa Fenomenal (Phenomenal House), featuring shows, DJs, sports activities, exhibitions and other attractions. At the event, we received international journalists, artists, and athletes who are brand partners, including

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- 1,045 articles referring to Nike initiatives were published, and 1 and a half hours of TV exposure, equivalent to over US$ 10 million;

The launch of the Brazilian jersey directly and indirectly impacted 120 million people.

- Over 200 journalists from all over the world covered the launch of the national team shirt, which led to the publication of over 350 articles.
- Casa Fenomenal’s launch received over 90 journalists from 40 different press agencies and led to 126 articles.
- The #riskeverything films yielded over 160 articles, 57 of which were published by specialized media vehicles.
- 32 interviews were conducted by journalists during the World Cup with Nike global executives.
- 31 articles with sneakers stories were published on 18 different specialized websites.
- Over 200 articles relating to soccer shoe innovations were published.
- Sales of Brazilian National Team shirts broke Nike Brazil’s records.