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Company: Agência Ideal, São Paulo, Brazil
Company Description: Ideal was created in 2007 by journalists Eduardo Vieira and Ricardo Cesar, to respond to the needs of the market - seeking an agency able to deliver quality work with public relations, social networking, and advertising content. We accepted the challenge and built a hybrid agency that is not classified by the communication tools that it uses, but deliver what customers expect in various
Nomination Category: Corporate Communications, Investor Relations, & Public Relations Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Communications or PR Campaign of the Year - Marketing - Consumer Products

Nomination Title: Cîroc – Amplify your light

Tell the story about this nominated campaign since 1 January 2014 (up to 650 words). Focus on specific accomplishments, and relate these accomplishments to past performance or industry norms.

Cîroc is a market leader in premium vodkas. In Brazil and around the world, it has been a sponsor of some of the most exclusive parties and events across the lifestyle spectrum. In 2014, however, DIAGEO, the brand owner, did something almost unheard of: It funnelled 100% of the brand’s marketing funds into PR, formulating a strategy that did not include media investment. How could it legitimately place itself within its public’s social events?

The solution was to create a strategy to manage Ciroc's reputation through storytelling. We developed a one-year strategy in which, for the first time in Brazilian beverage-segment history, a beverage brand did not stage branded events or sponsorships, but instead found ways to insert itself into its target public’s own preexisting consumer festivities.

Based on the “celebration with extravagance” theme, we created a communications concept with the motto “Amplify your Light.” During the first half of the year alone, the brand was present at over 48 of its public’s parties. It enjoyed direct contact with 13,000 people, which effectively resulted in a reaching over 6 million people. 217 articles were published mentioning the brand. According to an independent image-tracking survey, the brand increased its “the vodka of partying in grand style” attribute by 7% and its “a brand that is present at parties” attribute by 11%.

The aim of the campaign was to position Cîroc as a premium brand in an original and effective way: instead of conducting brand engagement activities with one-off events, it gambled on directly associating the beverage with an attribute of its target public: partying with extravagance. Success would come if the brand could be legitimately present at its target-public’s social events: highly connected customers. If these people shined, Cîroc would shine with them. The target-public was made up of people that demanded premium products for their parties. The brand was already well-known to its target, but was able to get even closer to this influential group.

The first step was to establish a network of regional and national influencers as the target public. This concept was based on the principle that by being present at such moments would be a direct way of being associated with these people, thus increasing its potential representativeness at festive social environments.

With the key markets thus established, we hired promoters, who selected the target-events and acted as intermediaries between the brand and the influencers.
This strategy was based on the pyramid principle, whereby one influencer directly influences (at two levels) 90 people. For the brand, this is a natural and exponential form of dissemination; for the influencer, it means association with a beverage that reminds one of what is best about the world of festivities. The influencers also became an important means of encouraging their captive audiences to interact with Cîroc’s virtual universe, thus increasing the “Amplify your Light” concept’s reach.


Execution began in July 2014, continuing until the present. The desired results and descriptions were verified up until December 2014.
Instead of promoting a series of parties, Cîroc began participating in its target public’s own “ordinary” parties, offering a bar, drinks, pairings, settings and content.

Instead of creating web pages on social networking websites, Cîroc visited those of its customers and created a single profile on Instagram so that the brand could converse directly with them. The content on Instagram was created based on the events. Other social networks, such as Facebook, simply replicated the Instagram conversations. The key influencers’ followers spontaneously became Cîroc followers.

Moreover, instead of divulging product launches in the press, Cîroc attempted to stimulate engagement surrounding its target public’s social events. They shone, and Cîroc was taken in tow.

In bullet-list form, briefly summarize up to ten (10) of the chief features and results of this nominated PR program since the beginning of 2014 (up to 150 words).

- Cîroc has participated in 48 of its target public’s events. 13,000 people have had direct contact with the brand via parties.
- 217 features and write-ups have been published.
- Around 6 million people have been reached through these initiatives.
- Cîroc had garnered over 6,000 followers on Instagram.
- Cîroc has achieved an average increase of 100 followers per influencer post and 1,000 followers per takeover.
- In a survey contracted by Diageo, General brand-awareness comparison among vodkas increased 5 points in six months (from 39% to 44%).
- Audience Brand Perception of Cîroc as “the vodka of partying in grand style”: 7% increase in 3 months (from 20 to 27%).
- Audience Brand Perception of Cîroc as “a brand that is present at parties”: 11% increase in one year.
- Cîroc has advanced in the following brand attributes: “a sophisticated/luxury brand” (9%), “a quality brand” (7%)