Advanced Bionics, LLC, Valencia, CA USA: SoundWave 2.2

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Company: Advanced Bionics, LLC, Valencia, CA USA
Company Description: Advanced Bionics is a global leader in developing the most advanced cochlear implant systems in the world, with operations in over 50 countries. Acquired by Sonova Holding AG and working with Phonak since 2009, AB develops cutting-edge technology that restores hearing to those with severe- to-profound hearing loss.
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Nomination Title: SoundWave™ 2.2 Software from Advanced Bionics

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Advanced Bionics is the industry leader in developing cochlear implant (CI) technology innovations that restore hearing and help recipients hear their best. AB is dedicated to delivering technology advancements that improve patient lives and help hearing healthcare professionals serve their patients more efficiently and effectively. AB’s launch of SoundWave™ 2.2 software marked the release of a groundbreaking, powerful tool that can provide healthcare professionals with vital information about the way their patients use their devices which may have an enormous impact on how well they hear their world.

Cochlear implants are sophisticated medical devices which can restore hearing in people with significant hearing loss. They have both internal and external components. The internal part is surgically implanted and, several weeks later, after sufficient time for the surgery to heal, the recipient is fitted with the external sound processor. Worn behind the ear, like a traditional hearing aid, or clipped to the recipient’s hair or clothing, the processor collects sounds and processes them into electrical signals which are transmitted by the implant via the hearing nerve to the brain, enabling the recipient to hear.

AB’s Naída CI Q70 sound processor offers extraordinary features designed to provide unprecedented hearing performance in noisy situations. It offers program choices that allow the recipient to adjust the sound processing features to suit the environment they are in. It also has the ability to make automatic adjustments. For the first time ever, it enables 100% wireless streaming from Bluetooth-enabled devices to the processors. It also enables recipients to hear audio during telephone calls through both processors simultaneously. All of these options and more mean that, during initial activation of the processors and at regular appointments thereafter, the recipient’s audiologist may make multiple adjustments in program choices and levels to suit each recipient’s individual needs and preferences.

SoundWave is the software audiologists use to activate and program AB’s sound processors. The 2.2.25 release from AB includes exciting new features, including the introduction of datalogging for the Naída CI Q70. This powerful tool can provide audiologists with information that may help them counsel recipients on the use of the system and evaluate any programming changes that might improve their hearing outcomes. It enables them to determine how the Naída CI Q70 is being used on a daily basis, including which programs and features were used and how patients used the volume control. Most significantly, SoundWave is the only fitting software that logs data on battery usage and provides battery life estimation.

The user interface of the software is simple to navigate and the data is provided in clear, easy-to-follow graphs for maximum efficiency. SoundWave 2.2.25 software provides clear advantages in patient care, improving efficiency, and, most importantly, helping audiologists as they guide their patients on their miraculous journey to hearing.

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Bill Calle is the Senior Director of Software Development at Advanced Bionics.

His passion for software design started at the age of 16 with his first exposure to personal computers. In the 32 years since then, he has been dedicated to trying to transform complex technology into powerful tools that empower non-engineers. His diverse work experience includes aerospace, biomedical, entertainment, and factory automation. Notable projects include work on the Space Shuttle, the B1 Bomber, glucose sensors, robotics, a line of interactive children’s creativity software for the Walt Disney Company, and cochlear implant technology. While wide-ranging, the common theme that spans these projects is Bill’s drive to deliver a product that amplifies the end user’s competencies. He has been with Advanced Bionics since 2002.