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IBA12 Gold Stevie WinnerCompany: ACE enterprise Slovakia, Bratislava, Slovakia
Company Description: ACE enterprise Slovakia is unique Slovak IT integration vendor with its own visual software platform. ACE is preferred partner for many global international companies and supports their success by effective and worldwide respected solutions for professional and flexible Enterprise integration. ACE has customers on 4 continents and as knowledge vendor is awarded by many international awards.
Nomination Category: Products & Product Management Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Best New Product or Service of the Year - Software - New

Nomination Title: Creative Entrepreneurship Software

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We are living in strange times. Every country invests millions to educate young generation and finally we are facing the different reality. European Union has more and more visible problem with unemployment of graduates. Our country is stressed by current situation – every third graduate has no job!

I know you can say - “global crisis fact” or something similar, but even this is not my cup of tea I decided to help. I have many international awards winning IT company full of software specialists. And because I am keen on young brains I am teaching at the Universities. Following this path I am very close to young generation and trying to understand them many years. I started my company from zero as unknown Slovak entrepreneur in 2004 and till now we enjoyed the projects in more than 80 countries on all 4 continents. I am very proud Slovakian waiting for reading about next successes of Slovakian every day. You know the feeling when your team wins (as Slovak ice-hockey team this year). This I would love to hear about young generation of Slovakian.

Due to this I put myself only one question “why is the young generation without work, what is a problem?”. They have theoretically perfect education system, access to latest technologies, they can travel without limitations and they have brain much smarter than we have for sure! After couple of years I realize WHY they are not successful. The main problem is in their behavior. They are not able to face the reality of business life. Lack of interest, failures of negotiations, bad luck… In reality it means that they can solve problems, but they are not ready to fight. Why? Because our education system has minimal back reflection of their behavior in practice situations.

How to help? The internet is full of consultancy and motivation courses. This is great, but do not make them really prepared.

This is why I decide to create “different software”. Not for profit or commercial use. Software is “for free”. Truly it is not only “program”. It is internet world – ecosystem built as an “entrepreneur battlefield” to train the students for real-life situations. The content is split into 3 levels called “Creative entrepreneurship I. II. and III.”. First level is focused to start-ups. Train you how to make presentations, how to get interest… Simply - how to transform idea into business. Second level is focused on “employee level” – how to read and write CV, how to motivate the team, what leaders do… Last one is a real trading – buy company, drive cash flow, trade…

Major issue in this ecosystem is fight between ideas, offers driven by students ranking. Their “companies” are awarded by “top-positions” only by ranking of the audience. And we are there to simulate complications and obstructions = real life.

Results? The interest is booming. Last year we trained hundreds of young university students – most of them found good job after! And it worth it!

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Alexander Cimbalak, ACE enterprise Slovakia
-Managing Director, CEO and co-founder of ACE enterprise Slovakia;
-Born on 10 November 1971 in Trencin, Slovakia;

-In 1995 graduated from hardware engineering at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics, Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava;

-Leading Software Integration Specialist;
-More than 15 years of professional experience;
-Certified SAP Project Manager;
-Leading presenter of “GIS integration” on world-wide geospatial conferences;

ACE is a global enterprise integration vendor providing comprehensive advisory in implementation and integration of enterprise information systems based on its own certified software technology;  Winner of many international awards for solutions and management.