Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority

IBA12 Gold Stevie WinnerCompany: Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Company Description: Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority conserves and promotes the heritage and culture of Abu Dhabi emirate and leverages them in the development of a world-class, sustainable destination of distinction which enriches the lives of visitors and residents alike.
Nomination Category: Website Craft & Function Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Best Interface Design

Nomination Title: Visit Abu Dhabi

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Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority has launched a new version of Abu Dhabi's official destination portal (visitabudhabi.ae) on June 1st, 2012 with totally new design/look 'n' feel, multiple services and newly written content in 8 languages (EN, AR, FR, DE, IT, RU, JP, CN)

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Main objectives were an exciting first impression that would captivate a visitor’s attention along with a new design, easy to read, easy to navigate with usability/accessibility as top priorities. The current design provides multiple big-sized images along with access to other pages, for smooth browsing of the website. Multiple templates (Home Page, Content pages, Hotels, Restaurants, Spas, News, Events, Multimedia, FAQs, Trip Planner) have been designed with LTR/RTL support and online aggregating systems of Hotel/Flight/Car Search Engines have been 'Private Branded'.

This approach resulted to a significant rise in visit duration (increased by 34%) in Q3-Q4 2012 vs Q3-Q4 2011 and a decrease of bounce rates by 5%. The 'Abu Dhabi Brand' guidelines have been implemented in terms of interface controls, colors, shapes, fonts, positioning.

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