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Company: Abu Dhabi Airports Company, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Company Description: ADAC spearheads the development plan of the Emirate’s aviation infrastructure. ADAC’s portfolio of airports includes Abu Dhabi international, Al Ain International, Al Bateen Executive, and Sir Bani Yas and Delma Islands Airports. ADAC is also developing a series of commercial districts including airport business and logistics parks to support the diversification strategy of the government.
Nomination Category: Web Site and Blog Craft & Function Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Best Overall Web Design

Nomination Title: Abu Dhabi Airports Company new website

When was this web site or blog first published?
April 1st 2011

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Communication Objectives:

•Re-design Abu Dhabi Airports Company website in line with the Corporate brand

•Implement a Standard WCMS (Web Content Management System in order to support multiple sites and brands, multiple languages and Multiple Channels (Web, Mobile, Digital Media)

•Provide easy and comprehensive links to our Airports and Companies focusing on our Key personas, our Business and Media Partners

How Communication Objectives are met:
Abu Dhabi Airports Company’s new website covers the company’s corporate needs in the following aspects:

•It is corporate, clean and simple, yet creative; following International W3C Web standards, accessibility standards (level AA) and usability standards

•Serves the company’s Business to Business needs through a solid Platform, attractive design, relevant and regularly updated content, creating easiness for our business partners to contact us, promoting call to action.

•It uses Search Engine Friendly designs & advanced Search Engine Optimization

•Utilizes special photography for homepage and inner pages background

•Publicizes consistent and Search Engine Friendly content

•Designed so as visitors can reach content with minimum number of clicks.

•Our Media Centre provides direct access to news and information about ADAC. In addition to our press releases the visitor will find numerous photos and videos of all aspects of the fascinating world of the airport in the Media Gallery.

•It incorporates Abu Dhabi Airports Company’s branding guidelines to ensure that anyone and everyone who is responsible for commissioning, designing and publishing work for ADAC, uses the brand in a consistent and correct way throughout all communications.

•It includes an ADAC Press Kit page. This page is designed especially to provide reporters with the latest information related to ADAC most recent press events. Journalists will find within the press kits, the event’s press releases, speaker(s) notes/speeches and biographies as well as relevant visuals and factsheets

•As part of ADAC’s commitment to becoming the world’s leading airports group, we are constantly working on strategic advertising campaigns in order to effectively communicate how we are delivering on our commitment to create world-class airports. The Campaigns & Brochures page demonstrates how we are striving to achieve our vision through our airports, subsidiaries and consumer brands publications.

•ADAC views corporate Responsibility and Sustainability as a key and fundamental criterion in the further development and growth across the ADAC portfolio of airports and activities. The ADAC CR section on the website, creates value for our shareholders, customers, business partners, employees and the company.

•Frequently Asked Questions: In this page, visitors will find answers to the most common questions relating to doing business with ADAC.

•Apply for a job page and search application has been built to facilitate candidates to be part of a forward thinking organization with inspired and innovative vision, which is in tune with their aspirations, as ADAC. Candidates are able to see all openings sorted by including job descriptions with links for applying and submitting their resume to us online.

•Newsletter subscription and the bi-monthly ADAC newsletter Signup page keeps our business partners and customers informed with news and latest Industry Trends

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