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Acquity Group, LLC

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Company: Acquity Group, LLC Chicago, IL
Company Description: Acquity Group is the world’s leading multi-channel commerce and digital marketing company, creating award-winning digital experiences across multiple devices for global brands. Our disciplinary approach brings together strategy, design, and technology to create brand-unique experiences that build unbreakable customer relationships.
Nomination Category: Website Awards & Blog Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Insurance

Nomination Title: Allstate Teen Driver website

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        Working with Acquity Group, Allstate strove to create a site that communicated
with teens, not at them. This was completed through an enhanced digital
campaign, which encompassed a new site design, as well as more visually and
tonally aggressive content with sarcasm and witty humor. It was important for
Allstate to understand and relate to teens in order to better communicate with
them and capture their interest for more long-term business. This was done in
relatable teen videos, interactive gaming and control simulations, quizzes and
modules that simulate accidents. Ultimately, strives to
demonstrate to a teen that Allstate is more than a check in the mail; that
having great insurance is part of the driving experience. Teens can become
smarter drivers, and Allstate wanted to be a moderator in that education. The
site is already experiencing tremendous success, as evidenced with its visitors,
number of registered users and the interactive gaming simulations.

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        Acquity Group